1. For replacement of a current policy

  • The proposed insured needs to have his/her inforce policy information at the time of their interview
  • If this information is missing the case will be delayed from being sent to the carrier

2. If replacement is needed in the state of New York (regulation 60), do not use Drop Ticket, but contact us at 800.356.1167 option 4

3. Additional forms may need to be completed by the advisor after fulfillment such as allocation forms, illustrations and 1035 forms

4. For tickets where the owner is other than the insured

  • Note as much information about the owner as possible and/or make sure the proposed insured has the information at the time of the interview (name, address, DOB, SSN, relationship, etc.)
  • Once the fulfillment is completed, the advisor will need to obtain the owner’s signature

5. Some carriers require their own personal history interview, depending on the face amount/product being applied for. If required, the proposed insured may need to complete two phone interviews. One with our fulfillment team and one with the carrier

6. For foreign national cases additional underwriting/paperwork is required

7. For New York state (regulation 60) additional underwriting/paperwork is required

8. For business owned policies additional underwriting/paperwork/signatures may be required, once fulfillment is completed