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Individual Quoting Tools:

Drop Ticket

This state-of-the-art tool allows you to streamline the processes from quoting, to application, to issue. Within just a few minutes, you can drop a permanent or term ticket and we then take it from here. Click the following link to see the next steps after a Drop Ticket is submitted: Next Steps (Client) and Next Steps (Advisor)

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Term Drop Ticket   |  Permanent Drop Ticket

Quote Request Assistant

Our intuitive, all-in-one fact-finding tool allows you to get a better picture of what carriers may offer to your clients, including those clients who have complex a medical history/condition. The life quote fact-finder uses a simple questionnaire for cases of any size or complexity, and then intelligently determines the best quoting option - from an immediate online application via Drop Ticket, to more in-depth underwriting via an informal inquiry.

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Applications & Service Forms Database

Through the iPipeline database, you have access to a wide variety of service forms and applications that are ready to be used for your client.

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Additional Resources

Underwriting Library

Browse our library of underwriting health documents and questionnaires which have been made available to help you accelerate the underwriting process with your clients.

Carrier Vitals, Ratings & Financials

The ratings and financials for numerous life insurance carriers are now available to you with only a few clicks.