In order to provide you with the best support in the industry, we have developed a variety of useful resources that are available to you 24/7.  Drop ticket engines, contracting forms, and financial calculators are just a few of the tools that you now have complete access to. Pinnacle's team of experts is also available to assist you in any way possible.

Need help with Case Design?

Kent Griffin
SVP Case Design, Advanced Markets
tel: (904) 423-8546

>> Quick and/or comprehensive planning design
>> Objective illustration proposals and comparisons
Case Design general contact: (800) 356-1167, Option 4

Need help with Case Management?

Toni Freeman
New Business Manager
tel: (904) 423-8564

>> Online: Drop Ticket
>> Fax: (904) 296-8845
>> Mail: Pinnacle Insurance & Financial Services
Attn: Case Management, 7791 Belfort Parkway, FL 32256
Case management general contact: (800) 356-1167, Option 5

Need help with Annuities?

Isaac Amaya
Annuity Sales Specialist
tel: (904) 423-8567

>> Life expectancy and longevity planning expertise
>> Retirement income planning and design
Annuities general contact: (800) 356-1167, Option 4

Need help with Licensing?

Joyce DeBoyd
Licensing and Contracting Manager
tel: (904) 423-8545

>> Contracting kit: complete one time
>> Carrier appointments processed and completed in an average of 5-7 days
Licensing general contact: (800) 356-1167, Option 6

Need help with Advisor Commissions?

Mark Anderson
Associate Manager of Compensation
tel: (904) 423-8550

>> Advisor commissions
Advisor commissions general contact: (800) 356-1167, Option 7

Need help with Marketing?

Daria Gregory
Marketing Manager
tel: (904) 423-8542

>> Branding support and development
Marketing general contact: (800) 356-1167, Option 8