It is our goal to get to know you – to truly understand your business and your clients. Once we have become familiarized with your process and current client base, we will be able to more effectively empower you with our resources. To the right, you can view a short video that will explain our approach to doing business with you.



Our team is passionately committed to providing advisors with highest level of service possible. By utilizing our team's expertise, we can connect you with the support, relationships and tools you need to conduct business efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Planning

Our Advanced Planning Center (APC) is here with the knowledge, resources, and leverage you need to provide your clients with the best possible level of service.

Retirement Services

From annuity planning and Social Security, to long-term care and final expenses, we can help you give your clients the security and peace-of-mind they need to make the most of their retirement.


With decades of experience in working cases of all sizes and complexities, your underwriting team has been the operational support of firms across the nation.


We are here to provide you with the highest level of support possible. Each member of our team is deeply familiar with the industry and what an advisor needs to operate effectively. Please feel free to contact our team with all of your questions, concerns, and needs.

Luigi Montolio
Relationship Manager

Matt Ludwick
Sales Manager

Toni Freeman
Case Management

Cathy Gunter
Underwriting Consultant

Joyce DeBoyd
Contracting Manager